The ABC of ELT

Delta Diary: Module Three Take Two

Well, it’s come to this. I’m back where I was four years ago as I look on at Module three staring me back in the face. I’ve been delayed, partially by changes in my life, by other people but mostly myself. I didn’t do as good a job as I should have last time and […]

4 Issues That Hold Me Back From Using Technology in the Classroom

One of my favourite podcasts (out of school) is coming to an end after five years. They covered using technology in education with an emphasis on iPad (though not exclusively). This has covered some great topics like education theory, cool iPad apps, infrastructure issues and the challenges of working in education. This often inspired me […]

4 Tiny Modifications to Feedback Which Have a Huge Impact

4 tiny feedback modifications with a huge impact

Over time teaching, I’ve picked up a couple of little tricks to help make sure that feedback from students go well. These are little modifications to feedback centering around open class feedback to the teacher but they can make feedback more effective, motivating and interesting. 1. Think, Pair, Share This was the first modification to […]

What Are Sketchnotes?

Sketchnotes are one of those ideas that is spreading more in education circles. But what are sketchnotes? Are they just another buzzword or trend, or are they something that is worth using in the classroom? Well in this short explainer video, I go over what sketchnotes are…via a sketchnote. (I know, meta). What are sketchnotes […]

How I Organise My Lesson Plans and Resources

I’ve tried a few different things over time for organizing my lesson notes and materials. Pieces of paper, Word Documents, Google Docs, Apple notes, Evernote, physical files with different handouts, A work Dropbox account which we could all access, and more. Most of these were electronic systems but I also made good use of a […]

Hana challenge recap

Last month you may have noticed that I blogged a bit…well a lot really. Much more than previously. In fact, more in that month than the year so far. That’s because, thanks to Sandy Millin, I took part in the “Hana challenge” an informal challenge inspired by Hana Ticha who accidentally blogged 15 times in […]

What to Do About Students Who Are in the “Wrong” Level?

At the start of a semester we inevitably get some students who believe they are in the wrong level for themselves. Sometimes this is true and the wanted to move up, be in a lower group or couldn’t make any classes at their “correct level”. Sometimes they have been placed in the wrong class as […]

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