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5 Great reasons to teach abroad

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Are you looking for a new adventure? Maybe want to live somewhere new for a while, explore a different part of the world? If so, a great idea is to teach English abroad. There are many non-English speaking countries all over the world with a huge demand for English teachers. There are many different ways to find these jobs – many countries offer programs where they train and place you in schools. Or, you can always just pick a city you want to go to, and find a website listing new TEFL job openings. Either way, by being a native English speaker, you are already qualified for the job, now all you need to do is to get that TEFL certificate and pursue this opportunity.

International work experience

International work experience will always look good on your CV. Employers appreciate candidates with the background of living and working in a foreign country, not to mention the skills you’ve learned from being a teacher. Leadership, organizational skills and experience with working with different people are great to mention on your resume.

Get paid to travel

For a lot of people, the high cost of travel can be a huge deterrent to going somewhere new. But, if you are going there to work, it is a much more cost-effective way to visit a new place. You still have to cover the cost of your airplane ticket to get to wherever you are going, and have a little savings build up to get you through until you receive your first paycheck, but after that, you will be making a regular income, and, depending on where you choose to go, could end up in a place with a lower cost of living than what you are used to. Plus, once you are based somewhere abroad, it is much easier and cheaper to travel around the country on your days off.

Live like a local

Another great reason to teach English abroad is the chance to live somewhere new like a local. When you are traveling and only visiting somewhere on vacation, it can be hard to see everything and really understand the place. But when you are in one place for an extended period of time – living there, working there, and building your daily routine there, you get a much different and deeper understanding. You can really get to know many cultural aspects of the country you are staying in, like the traditional cuisine, music, and architecture. It is also much easier to learn a foreign language if you are absorbed in language environment then taking courses in your home country.

Meet people from all over the world

Teaching abroad gives you the opportunity to meet all kinds of new people. Of course, you will meet the locals in the city where you are living and working, but, chances are there will be others from around the world who were also attracted here to teach English or pursue other opportunities.

Helping others

Being a TEFL teacher enables you to positively impact lives of others by helping them to achieve their personal and professional goals through learning something new and useful.

No matter what your reason is for teaching English abroad, it is bound to be a fantastic experience. Think about where you might want to live, and start researching teaching opportunities, and saving up for a flight! Check this page to find new job openings today!

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