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How do I help students to set up an individual blog?

[This is part of my student blogs series]

As mentioned in my last post going for a both instead of either or approach to individual and group blogs brings up a question.

How can I help students, who aren’t tech savvy, set up their own blog?

This post is designed to answer that AND also help non tech savvy teachers set up their own blog.

The first step is to create a group blog. If there is a group blog then students can

  1. Become familiar with the concept of blogs.
  2. See the inner workings of the group blog and become more tech savvy.
  3. Become familiar with the terms associated with Blogs.
  4. Feel more confident and comfortable when it comes to setting up their own one.

Next you may want to set up a simple page explaining the steps for setting up a blog (on the group page).

Here is a sample format on one of my pages.

You may also want to show them this video [which you can embed on your own blog]. This shows them a step by step procedure to set up a blog and posting a…er…post.

Setting up a your own posterous blog

This is a link to access the video  Setting up a student blog

Think you can do better? I’d love to see you give it a go! Jing is a free screencasting tool I’ve been using (and I get no commission for recommending them as their free!)

Class projects

These are two approaches to let students set up blogs in their own time out of class. However, this could be a useful project in class to set students (perhaps on a BYOD day). In fact this could be a chance to let students set up a group blog and then they can follow the procedure in their own time.

In certain businesses (or teenagers) this could be a great start of course/year/new teacher task. Divide the class into two groups and choose a name for your group.

The blog then hosts the record of their work through out the year and as the groups compete against each other for the rest of the course (Apprentice style!) they win points.

At the end of the course the team with the most points wins. This also encourages an idea of continual assessment.

Hold a training session

If your school has a computer lab then that is another opportunity to help students set up a blog of their own. This means that you can help any students who are having problems on the spot.

A final idea is to offer a free extra session to go over Blogs as a presentation. That way you can spread the idea amongst other classes and teachers and as well. This is the next step I am about to try. I will post up the results soon.

Do you have any extra ideas for how to help set up student Blogs?


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