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A couple of Students quotes on Blogs

It’s still very much early days but I have introduced Blogs across all my teenage and adult classes now.

I haven’t yet set any radical activities and I’ve only really used the them upload pictures of boardwork, put a homework reminder and set a couple of  listening tasks.

Anyway here are a couple of quotes:

But anybody could listen to us speaking. I don’t like it.

From a teenager. I won’t to show that it isn’t all great feedback. There has been some concern but I’ll look more at this soon in a new post.

This is really good, I don’t always have time to write the words down so this will help me a lot.

An Intermediate adult

Thank you, I wanted to do more work and now I can.

A pre intermediate adult

So overall very good. There are a few concerns which I hope to deal with soon, but students have been visiting the blogs and starting to use them. All in all very encouraging.

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