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As part of being a responsible blog and complying with British and EU legislation we need to tell you a few things about our Site cookie policy. It won’t take too long so why not grab an actual cookie and enjoy it as you read? If you continue to use our site then you agree to our measure bellow.

What are cookies?

Well they are little computer files that send information from your computer to other computers, website, etc.

Before you start to panic and cry 1984, cookies can do some GOOD things. If you have computer settings that save your password, that’s a cookie. If you want a website to save your settings well, they all use cookies to do that. More than that cookies help me. They let me know who comes on to my site and what they look at.

Right now that’s cleared up let me tell you about the cookies my blog collects.

Google Analytics.This is a program that sends information to me about:

  • how long you were on my blog for,
  • What you looked at,
  • What links you clicked etc.

It’s useful for me as it let’s me know if you like my posts, how many people read it. What topics you’re interested in etc. In fact, it even tells me things like what browser, operating system you’re using. This isn’t really that useful for me [though geekishly I do find it interesting] but for some website designers it is very useful to help them make their websites better for their visitors.

Google has some extra details in their Privacy policy [] which you may want to check out if you have any more questions.

If you want don’t want ANY website to collect your analytic stats then you can install plug-ins to your browsers to stop that.

Youtube [and other video embedding services]

Did you know that playing an embedded video online usually sends a cookie back to the company who provide it? Well it’s true. This is what puts the stats up on youtube for number of times watched. This information can’t be traced back to you and it only details times watched.

For Youtube’s privacy policy (it’s the same as Google’s) click here:

Sharing side bar.

You may have noticed (and hopefully used) the sharing systems within my blog and these use cookies too. The floating side bar in posts is, in fact, part of my theme and as such If you use it, it will send cookies to your computer.

If you use a third party sharing tool (aka not one on my blog but that you have on your computer/browser etc) then you need to check out their own privacy features for the cookies they send.

Google Adsense

There are some adverts provided by Google on the site, they are based on your browsing history and change to be suitable for you. For example if you look at a lot of sites to do with babies, they will show adverts of baby material.

You can disable these ads by downloading a program for your browser to stop these ads but I would like it if you made an exception for my site. These ads are how I am trying to pay for part of the website.

Notification of changes

If anything changes we’ll let you know as soon as possible by changing this page.

Other legal documents

For further details about our Privacy and comment policies click the links bellow. If you have any questions then please contact us.

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