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DELTA and blogging

Next week I officially begin my DELTA. To say I’m nervous is an understatement. Everyone I have spoken to says that the DELTA is a lot of work and that it will take up a lot of time.

There is still a week to go so I’m doing my last minute preparation. Picking up books I need. Mark up my calendar, prepare my Evernote system.

I do have one other trick up my sleeve utilising my motivation to help with my learning and time management.

Blogging my DELTA

That’s right My blog is being given over to all things DELTA. Until I finish my DELTA I’m focusing on DELTA related blog posts. My plan is to use Evernote to take notes as I go through my reading and then write topical summaries on the blog. This should give me a chance to practice the correct writing style and referencing and receive feedback [in case I have missed something out].

It should hopefully be useful for other teachers who are doing/will do their DELTA in the future.

As such I’ve set up a new category and page for the DELTA where you can find ever post that I write on it.

Weekly round ups

I’m still planning to do the weekly round ups but as you’ve probably noticed I’ve changed from about 15 posts to only 5 to reflect the reduced amount of time I have.

Do you still want to follow this blog?

As I am about to change the way I blog quite a lot this is a chance for you to reconsider following or not following my blog. If you are subscribed but don’t want to read lots of DELTA things you might want to unsubscribe alternatively if you haven’t subscribed then maybe this is the opportunity to sign up that you’ve been waiting for.

If you want to sign up then you can use the form bellow the post.

Any tips?

I’ve heard lots of advice already but I’m sure there are more tips I should hear. Feel free to leave a comment bellow as well.


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