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This week I’ve gained a new student who I need to prepare for taking a TOEFL exam. This has been a bit stressful for me as she is an intensive student and I have never taught TOEFL exam prep before. In fact, it is easily the exam I know the least about.

However, every challenge is a new opportunity and so I’ve set about getting some resources together for her.

As she is only wants to practice the speaking and writing in class, as she can check her listening and reading answers without me (hum…I guess that makes me a glorified and very expensive answer book)

Official TOEFL website.

I went on the official website after finding a link from (a surprisingly good eHow article actually. Much of their stuff is very average but the link alone made it worth the read) and discovered a wealth of information and material. Within 5 minutes I have found the FAQs, found the resource page, got depressed at the thought of splashing out some of my own hard-earned cash for a book that wouldn’t arrive in time, then discovered.

Score one to Chris.

Jason Renshaw’s TOEFL page

I found Jason’s page as I tried to find some practice speaking questions for my student. I browsed through the rest of the site and it is amazing. I knew he had a good blog and resource site but many other bloggers would be proud to have his TOEFL sections as their one and only site!

Edulang’s TOEFL practice papers

Of course Edulang’s practice material had to make an appearance not least because you can pay what you want but because they also give half the money to charity. (oh and as you select how much to give the face icons smile changes! Go over there now and have a play, don’t worry I’ll wait…. did you do it…no? Okay go over now and check it out. ….did you do it this time…yeah it made me smile too and almost give $1000 that I don’t have to hand but there you go!)

Well that’s my list so far. If you happen to know an amazing resource (or even just a reasonably good one) then let me know and I’ll add them to the post.


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