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#OldELTpost is a regular blog challenge about encouraging, rediscovering and thanking people for their blogs.

The idea came about when I was on another teachers blog. I saw the popular posts and realised that I had never read any of them!

With all the new blog posts that come out everyday it can be hard to find time to review the best old posts that people have put out. So I had the idea. What if once a month I asked people to recommend their favourite old blog posts from a specific blogger?

So why should I take part in #oldeltpost?

  • A prompt to re-read an old post you liked and learnt from in the past
  • A chance to share a great blog post people might have missed
  • A chance to encounter a blog post from before you followed this blogger
  • A chance to show your appriciation to that blogger.
  • A nice boost of blog traffic to the blogger (which is always nice to see)

How to take part in #oldeltpost

  1. Go to the persons blog
  2. Find a blog post you read and liked (or if you don’t know the blogger check out their popular posts or use a search for keywords that you are interested in)
  3. Copy the link and leave it in the comment section of the post OR tweet it with the hashtage #oldeltpost (or even do both)
  4. Recomend the next person.

Here are the links to past victims

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  1. Great idea. Almost exactly the idea Willy Cardoso & I talked about at TESOL France, which actually prompted me to use his “old” post in my most recent.

    1. Glad you like it Tyson. It really is great to be inspired by old ideas or rediscover them.

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