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Last weekend I ran the 3rd Old ELT post for Teaching Village, a collaborative teaching blog edited by Barbara Sakamoto. [click here to read more about teaching village]

Thank you everyone who took part and recommended blog posts and especially to the regulars of Teaching village who visited my site afterwards.

If you didn’t mention you’re favourite post but would like to now then you can still leave a comment bellow recommending a great article to add to the list.

Favourite posts

What is a PLN anyway? – recommended by Elizabeth A

How to create a Jazz chant – recommended by Rachel Roberts

How I became an EFL teacher in Venezuela – recomended by Brad Patterson

Long ago lessons in a Japanese High School – recomended by Sophia Khan

10 tips for a great first impression with students – recommended by me!


Thank you everyone who took part and gave a recommended post I hope you have a chance to check out the posts on Teaching Village and share them with other teachers.

Now we need to select a blog for the next #oldeltpost challenge. Put your thinking hats on and choose a blog you love. You can recomend it to me via

I’ll post the results of your votes and the next blog to find some great posts on the 13th of October.

P.S. Fancy checking out the other blogs that people have recommended posts from? Josette’s Throwing back tokens and Jason Renshaw’s English Raven.

P.P.S If you want to suggest a change to the formate to improve #oldeltpost then send me your suggestions as well.

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  1. Thank you so much for including Teaching Village, and for these recommendations. I love all of those posts, too!

  2. Miguel Mendoza

    Thanks Chris…Super thanks to Barbara and Brad!:)

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