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Weekly ELT round up 19/04/2013


After last weeks IATEFL conference there were still a load of blog post floating around with summaries of different talks and ideas, in fact you can still view some (all?) of the talks at the IATEFL site. However, I tried to find some other blog posts that were’t IATEFL related (and did an okay job) so with that in mind, sit back, grab yourself your favourite drink and enjoy some great blog post in another weekly elt round up.

The return of #ELTchat

This week saw the return of ELTChat in a new format! Instead of having people suggest and vote for topics each week a topic is chosen in advance so people have a chance to read up on the topic. An interesting move and I’ll miss getting to vote for topics but maybe we’ll see a system where both ideas can be included.

The topic this week was a follow on from a talk at IATEFL on “the six abilities for competent teachers.” You can read the transcript here and the summary here.

Best blog post this week

Sirja shared some incredible insight as to being a non-native speaker who is a teacher of English. I think it’s a must for any native speaker to read.

Jo Cummins has set up a blog page with some suggested Creative writing prompts.

Martin Bex share a brilliant extension to a running dictation that she picked up from another teacher.

Sophia Khan shared a post on “the value of the unexpected” reflecting on a talk at IATEFL by Adrian Underhill and Alan Maley by the same name. It looked at the importance of having a plan but being willing to change.

Rose Bard shared a great post about her experience of a linked classroom and virtual exchange projects between her class and Gemma Lunn’s in South Korea. There are also some valuable links at the end.

On ELT Squared this week

I posted two blog posts this week. The first was the next part of my Delta Diary where I looked at connected speech, error correction, and my increased Motivation. The second was about the number of items that people can remember in one go (thanks to Mura and Rachael for the great additional comment).

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