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Weekly ELT round up 3/05/2013

Welcome to May!

And with that, we’re a third of the way through the year and approaching European holidays! (The end of term is near friends). It also marks a month till my module one Delta exam, and I’ve found it is a chance for one last big push before the end of the year.

This is the time to launch that big project or try that big experiment and actually see some result. If you want to start later you’ll have to wait till next year as there won’t really be time to see it get under way. So if you are thinking of starting a new project, why don’t you tell me what it is in the comment section bellow.

ELTchats this week

This week ELTChat continued the IATEFL talk inspired discussions with two chats on

  • The great coursebook debate (better off with or without)
  • Evaluating Web tools (Which I managed to attend! Finally!)

Best of the blogs this week

Anna Loseva confessed that she was a hypocrite this week. Her post was honest and highlighted an important point. There is a chance you suffer from this negative trait as well so make sure you read what it is.

The Secret Dos (Anne O’Nymous see what she did there) published her bold manifesto this week! It’s time to rise up and take to the streets! Or join the debate.

Sharon Hartle shared some views on Error correction this week (great minds think a like clearly)

Tom Randolph shared some great multi-sensory ideas to help students with pronunciation, this appeared to be aimed at typical issues of oriental learners but there is value for everyone here. [I agree with Luiz in the comments, this is a gem of a post]

Mike Griffin shared a post which I feel would best be titled “extensive reading for English Language teachers” Where Mike shared some of the different books he has been reading over time and the impact of reading on his teaching. I wonder a bit about the “cause and effect” on Mike’s professional life as a teacher. Did he start reading more about topic X because his moved towards more teacher training or did he start moving towards more teacher training because of what he was reading (or is it just a coincidence). I’ve been reading more than a handful of books on Meta-learning recently (learning about learning) and I suspect this has been cause by my growth as a teacher and desire to help students become more effective learners.

On ELTSquared this week

This week I had my usual two blog post. On Tuesday I shared some lessons from Unit 6 of my Delta in my Delta Diary and on Thursday I published the first small part of my thoughts about error correction (I’d love your thoughts here).

Image of the week

What do you think? Are any sites missing?
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What do you think? Are any sites missing?

P.S. Don’t forget that next week is #oldeltpost week! Get ready to recommend your favourite posts.

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