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Weekly roundup 25/01/2013

Another week ends and it’s been a demanding week in ELT and Unfortunately I’ve been quite snowed under with school work so I missed a lot of posts this week. As such please do comment with great blog posts I missed at the bottom.

Oh and don’t forget to check out the infographic at the bottom.

This week in ELTChat

As always there were two #ELTChats this week,

  • Mentor teachers (those responsible for a team of teachers) and their role; best practices, pitfalls, tips.
  • From teacher to teacher trainer – qualifications & experience needed, opportunities, advice

If you don’t know what ELTChat is then check out their website or my post on why I love it. 

Best Reflections

The brilliant Vicky Loras interviewed the equally brilliant Mike Griffin on her blog. Despite interacting with Mike for ages online I learnt a lot more about him. I highly recommend it.

Willy Cardoso talked about getting students and the teacher to reflect on learning and the routines that we have in place…why do we have them? Do they work?

Best Methodology

Evidence based EFL ( I really want to know his real name…assuming the pictures are of him and isn’t actually a woman) Took on skimming and scanning in his post. I am left with the question…so what do we do with reading text? Maybe we need to look at Kevin Stein’s reading activity.

Josh Round told us about the ingredients he is going to put into his CPD broth. 

Tyson Seburn shared a summary of cultural differences as put together by the Dutch Psychologist Hofstede.

Rachel Roberts shared this technique by Arizio Sweeting from the OUP blog. It’s called shadowing and it involves focusing on one text over a long time and trying to pick up details of pronunciation


Best activities

Rachel Roberts has started creating and sharing lesson activities as well as doing great methodology posts. Take a look at her series on “Paying it forward.

Naomi Epstein provided a complimentary activity for Sandy Millin’s design your own soap opera.

Mura Nava used some shared the value of glitter and shows a pieced together video of students working in collaboration on a google doc (I think it is at least)

Best meme

This week Jim Scrivner announced that Demand Higher wasn’t a methodolgy but was instead a meme…cue a streme of meme pictures, based on Demand higher. Take a look at my summary here.

Post on ELTSquared this week

Over on this week I set you a challenge to open source a listening activity or five. So far there have been very few responses but If you’d like to try and add something then please go ahead.

I also shared some tools for minimalist continuous professional development.

Oh and don’t forget the memes

Infographic of the week.

apps for blooms taxonomy of learning.

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