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Why ELT Squared?

I thought you might like to know why I chose the name for the blog ELT Squared (or as it is sometimes seen ELT2).

Well, you may have seen the blog previously called “A noobs guide to TEFL.” as that’s how I was starting out. A complete newbie who was talking about the things he had learnt along the way and was still learning. It was a nice title and focused around writing my series on Top 10 tefl tips from my first year of teaching. Things I wish I had known when I started teaching.

However, sometimes later I decided that I didn’t like the name. It felt like I was trying to dismiss myself and felt bound by the name. Plus, it’s a bit of a mouthful and takes time to write.

So I wanted a new name that was short, to the point and included my topic area and that I thought was cool.

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I started to think about my aims of professional growth, finding out new things about teaching and collaborating with others (multiplying our knowledge together?) with exponential growth

As you can see in the graph, exponential growth is much quicker and faster than linear growth, that’s what I want. In fact, if you want to take the maths analogy even further, Exponential growth occurs regardless. When you square a negative number it still turns out to be a positive result.

I hope that you like the name and approve of the aims, I don’t just want this to be my own growth but also growth for you as well. Hopefully, this space can be an area where we all learn, develop and become better teachers for our students.

Has this blog been useful for you? How could it be more useful for your own growth?

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I'm an English Language teacher based in Krakow, Poland. I enjoy writing, using technology and playing the Ukulele.

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