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your #oldeltpost from 2012

Welcome to the last #oldeltpost round up of the year. I’ve really enjoyed doing these and come across loads of great blog posts (and blogs) because of it. Thank you everyone who has recommended blog posts through out the year.

I hope you’ll continue to join in next year as well. (if you want to check out the previous ones from this year then go to the end of the post)

So for the final one I had a twist! I wanted you to share your best blog post from the year rather then someone else’s! (but if you wanted to share someone else’s as well that was also okay)

It’s always nice to get to share something we’ve done which we think is good so I’m very glad of people response.

Without further ado. Here are your best #oldeltpost of 2012

Your own recomendation

Faith Yucel shared a great post about professional observations. Big brother is watching you!

Valentina Morgana shared an activity she had adapted from one of her DELTA assignments helping teenagers express likes and dislikes. It’s a really thorough look at the grammar AND it has practical suggestions for teaching.

Sandy Millin recommended her list of useful FCE websites

Carissa Peck shared her great post (and mission) for activities with songs that aren’t just Cloze activities.

Mura Nava shared his post on how he learnt the power and usefulness of social media for teachers.

Alex Grevett recommended his highly insightful post. He really looks into certain common conversations and the racial undertones that can lie beneath them.

Phil Longwell recommended his post on “paraphrasing” including a video of Phil!

Rachel Roberts Decided to share her first post! It’s about what teachers plan (or don’t plan) and what students learn…and don’t learn.


Other peoples post that you recomended

Chia Suan Chong’s brilliant series on “things students say that break my heart” and her Post on using BBC news headlines for listening practice were recommended.

Mura Nava’s brilliant (and hilarious) telephoning activity using the script and video from Dr Strangelove,

Kevin Stein’s article on Summarising skills for purposes OTHER than EAP (yes really, summarising isn’t just for EAP)

Rachel Robert’s Do something different with a coursebook listening.

From Idahosa Ness comes flow-verlapping a tool/approach for pronunciation (Alex Grevett actually receomened this blog for as “a pronunciation nerd’s blog” which makes for a nice change from all the grammar/vocab blogs!

Luiz Otavio’s 4 questions to ask yourself before you prepare your next grammar lesson.

The previous #oldeltposts

Well that was the last one of the year. You have a break for January (it would be too close to the start of a new term so I’ll let you all get back into your routines) but #OldELTpost will be back in February with a new victim (feel free to recommend someone in the comments)

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